“Gain clarity, thanks to the Clients that shared their experience” ~ Janine Starke

Before the treatment I had a huge weight that I had been carrying for a long time.

I had previous healings and therapy, however nothing would quite hit the spot, I was always left with suffering, I felt different from everyone else, I felt isolated and alone.

I came to Janine with a lot of baggage. I was in active addiction and always felt like something was there, like a dark force and I was disconnected from my self.

After the first cleanse – I felt lighter and as though I wasn’t swimming up stream anymore. There was this sense of peace and space between me and my thoughts. My negative thinking had imprisoned me for so long but now I was able to see it and choose to think another thought which worked for me.

Second session, I was really starting to get a sense of me – I started to feel myself with ease, challenging situations I could just handle now. I could connect to people on a different level. I had a situation with a huge crowd of football fans, I got caught up in, typically I would have just been so panicked and upset, but I could just manage this, I had a voice guiding me through the process – which I now understand is my higher self, but I still had this amazing sense of calm. 

After the third session, being calm and centered had become more of a reality and I was really able to see what Janine had created, a big clearing for me to be able to be me. I can see myself clearer, I look after myself and my thoughts, I feel connected spiritually and guided through processes. I now have a clear mind where negative thoughts and emotions are not welcome, I observe them and let them go. I can connect with people and even feel a huge shift within my relationships. I am now a pleasure to be around, before I was a traumatised soul that couldn’t understand what was going on. Now I feel auras, I know my purpose – I am free.

Coralie, England

Ich habe eine sehr gute Erfahrung mit Frau Janine machen dürfen. Sie hat bei mir negative Anhaftungen, die zum Teil familiär auf mich übertragen wurden, gelöst und meine Aura gereinigt. Jedesmal wenn sie an mir gearbeitet hat, konnte ich es unterbewusst wahrnehmen. Nach wenigen Tagen fühlte ich die ersten Veränderungen. Es ist wie eine schwere Last von mir abgefallen und es stellte sich eine grundlegende Leichtigkeit ein. Ein befreites Gefühl und innere Zufriedenheit. Eine solche Erfahrung ist schwer in menschliche, verständliche Worte zu fassen. Ich bin so dankbar darüber und kann es jedem nur weiterempfehlen, mit Frau Janine in Kontakt zu treten.
N Hedrich
"Ik ben Janine zeer dankbaar! Er gebeurden zoveel dingen in mijn leven tegelijk dat ik het idee had in een modderpoel te zwemmen. Ik kwam daar, ondanks een hele lange ervaring in psychologie, yoga, chackra’s niet uit. Janine heeft een sessie gedaan op mijn aura en mijn chackra’s en alles opgeschoond. Daarna voel ik mij letterlijk heel licht en weer daadkrachtig om zelf mijn chackra’s op te schonen en richting aan mijn leven te geven. Janine heeft dat invoelend en integer gedaan. Ik ben haar zeer dankbaar. ❤️"
"I reached out to Janine, our paths crossed when studying hypnotherapy, with a lifetime of chronic depression, relationship problems, lack of confidence, a poor memory and generally unhappy, she has changed my life. I am now excited with my professional work and can think clearly, have oodles of energy and confidence and experience moments of joy. I am in the process of reducing my anti- depressants as a result and feel I want to live- after so many years of nihilistic thoughts, fear of others and feelings of isolation. I now enjoy the company of others and feel part of the human race! Janine has opened my life with her well developed skills and I look forward to my future."
J Norman
"Hierbij mijn hartelijke dank voor de behandelingen die ik van je mocht ontvangen. Al meer dan een jaar heb ik long-COVID met veel klachten. Extreem vermoeid, niet kunnen concentreren en geheugenproblemen. Daarnaast ben ik zeer prikkelgevoelig wat betreft geluid en drukte. Jij hebt mijn aura gereinigd en de dag erna merkte ik al verschil. Waar ik het hele jaar niets in de huishouding kon doen, veranderde dat. Ik maak de maaltijden klaar en kan daarna zelfs nog de tafel afruimen en afwassen. Dat is voor mij een reuzenstap. Ook merk ik dat de extreme moeheid is afgenomen."
The Netherlands
"I had the pleasure of experiencing distance aura sessions with Janine, and I am amazed by her incredible abilities. Despite not knowing me personally, Janine’s intuitive insight were accurate and insightful. Through just my birth date and a photo, she connected with my energy and provides guidance that resonated deeply with me. Her compassionate approach and transformative sessions have a profound impact on me and I am very thankful for her good work. I recommend Janine to anyone seeking distance aura sessions. Her intuitive abilities, compassionate nature, and ability to connect energetically make her an exceptional practitioner. Whether you are new to aura work or have prior experience, Janine has the unique ability to guide you on a transformative journey of self discovery and healing, even from the distance."
Below insight is provided by written consent of my client.
Client: 56 year old women, single
Occupation: international business
Medical history: Asthma – otherwise, no significant history

My 56-year-old client has always been interested in energetic work and complementary medicine; she has always followed conventional medicine and has regular medical appointment in respect to asthma which manifested in the age of 25 years.

Self-employed she works about 6 days a week, feels restless, under pressure and stressed out. She mentions her fear of criticism and rejections (resulting in overpreparing) whereas being her worst critic for the slightest mistakes. She reports she rarely creates the opportunity for rest or social activities due to her huge mental load and multiple activities in business and additional studies.

She reports that she has advanced considerably in terms of self-development and personal growth. However, there has been a recurring feeling of void and emptiness that she knows since early childhood. Equally, she mentions constant worries about her future, sometimes feeling moody which affects her overall status. The client describes a feeling of carrying a weight which prevents her from being light-hearted.

My client booked an aura clearing session early in March 2023.

Assessment – Aura Analysis
Her aura showed grey mucus like and my cliented seemed suspended in animation
I detected a considerable number of spirit attachments and spiritual entities which I released over the period of 3
sessions. Her aura looked clear and bright; No further intervention was needed thereafter.

My client contacted me a week after the aura clearing reporting as follows:

Feedback Nr 1.
I had not given much attention to what would happen after the aura clearing, i.e. I was not observing myself or having a focus on any changes I could probably detect. About 4 days later, i realized that I felt lighter, more energetic. As if the air was clear and pure. My negative thoughts were gone, I felt settled within myself, energetic and in an uplifted mood. I can cope with time-pressure in a much more relaxed way.

Feedback Nr 2.
I realize that I am much more talkative, a special joy to share and communicate. I mentally switched off when someone was talking about things I considered “trivial”. I am now able to talk about subjects and share my thoughts in a broader way. My friends realize a positive change in my way of communicating. My mental self-talk is forgiving and supporting. I feel more confident and in tune with myself. This is a fantastic change. It feels like a flow state I have never experienced. I believe and feel this is my true self.

Anonymous, 56years old
Janine est quelqu'un de très impliqué, facile de communication. Je souhaitai rencontrer quelqu'un pour m'aider à avoir le courage de réaliser ce que je devais faire. Je ne comprenais pas pourquoi, moi qui suis si directe et efficace au travail, je pouvais laisser ma vie affective à l'abandon, me laisser tant manipuler et petit à petit me perdre. Fournir toujours de plus en plus d'effort pour monter ma vibration, avoir l'impression de reprendre toujours tout de zéro... Je suspectais avoir reçu un mauvais sort... Ca peut faire sourire... Mais j'avais reçus des messages de personnes différentes me disant qu'il fallait que je me nettoie... Janine m'a permis de faire ce nettoyage, et effectivement j'avais, entre autre choses, 5 envoûtements... Depuis que les soins ont été fait, je me sens calme et sereine. J'ai encore un petit peu de brouhaha mental, mais il m'est facile de le faire cesser pour revenir à la joie, et l'être entier et complet que je suis... Je suis très satisfaite de ses soins et de la relation de confiance qui s'est instaurée entre nous. Vraiment je recommande cette passeuse d'âme, cette nettoyeuse de sorts, pour ne citer que 2 cordes de son arc qui en compte bien plus. 😊

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